our vision

To be The Company that contributes to a circular economy and sustainable future by reducing waste in the agrifood system.

Project #1:  Repurposing EVOO production waste, i.e. POMACE.

Project #2:  Repurposing high protein waste, details to be announced shortly

Our Mission

is to work in the circular economy space, developing new technologies to upcycle agricultural waste into the global agrifood system

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Our innovative team is developing biotechnology, increasing sustainability outcomes for source industries, and contributing to the circular economies of food and agriculture.

Worldwide, “business as usual” cannot meet future demand.* Novel systems for protein production are required

innovative biotech

Utilising ancient biology and new technology, we will convert olive pomace into an edible food product.


Reducing carbon emissions from olive oil production and eliminating waste.

circular economy

Elevating agricultural waste up the food hierachy.

Circular Economy

Project Olea will investigate processes to convert pomace, the by-product of olive oil production, into a sustainable and cost-effective material, ingredient, or food product. It will also investigate alternative waste streams to pomace, aiming to replicate processes across waste streams  

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Our story starts with olives. Olives are pressed to extract the beautiful olive oil we all know and love, but what it leaves behind is the green olive waste called pomace. That's where we come in. Rather than wasting the food-grade olive residue, the team at Project Olea are working hard to elevate it up the food hierarchy and supply it back into the market as food. Our photos below show the process of EVOO production.

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